What's On In 2016?

Well we have started with a roaring National Folk Festival. Good crowds at the Settler Sessions, walls bulging in a small venue for the Bush Orchestra, Settlers Concert, Singing Sessions, Sessions in the Bar, and of course, just catching up with friends.

Special tributes for Peter Ellis included the Heritage Ball and a special concert hosted by Stuart Simms.

The new database of tunes was introduced at the sessions for folk to have an exploratory doodle. It is in development stage as yet so your feedback would be appreciated. The database is hosted at bushtraditions.wiki. Feel free to explore it.


Goulburn Gathering 2016

The 11th Gathering will be on the long weekend in October at the Old Goulburn Brewery. That's 30th September to the 3rd October.


News: It is looking very likely that we will have Martyn Wyndham-Read as a Gathering contributor this year. Yvonne O'Grady says that it is written in his diary for his next trip to Australia. Martyn is well-known for his settings and interpretation of Australian poems and songs.

Looking for further contributions to the weekend.

Volunteers so far:
BMC Saplings; Kerry Doherty - Slow Tune Workshops; Alan Swift - YarnSpace; John Colville - Stan Coster Tribute; John Warner; Kevin Bradley - The National Library holdings; Ray Mulligan - Bush Traditions WIKI



Bush Traditions @
The National
Folk Festival

Over the last years Bush Traditions has played an important role in bringing Australian content and particularly patron participation to the National Folk Festival


Trove Treasures
Researcher Mark Gregory has unearthed some treasures from the NLA's TROVE.

Videos on YouTube
The videos recorded at the Gathering in 2012 have been edited and the list is here.

nfsaReal Folk Videos
Some classic bush music now on YouTube

danceMusic from previous events available for free download here.

danceMusic from the 2016 NFF Settler Sessions
is available for purchase here.

concAnglo Concertina Tutor
A set of bush tunes arranged with fingering and all for Anglo Concertina players.
Click here to see it

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