Weekend @ Binalong

The last few years has seen initiatives to take collected music back to the communities it came from. The Goulburn session have been focused on music from the area collected from Stan Treacy, Frank Collins and Pearly Watling in particular for several years now. In 2016, a group of musicians from the Bush Music Club took a programme of music from the Mudgee /Gulgong area to play for a dance at the Gulgong Folk Festival. Here they met up with the local band Stringybark who have been performing in the area since before John Meredith recorded them in the 1960s. Later that year Sofala was host to a Bush Music Club weekend to celebrate the music of Joe Yates.

In November this year Bush Traditions is organising a weekend of music at Binalong (pronounced Bine-along) primrarily to celebrate the music of accordionist/ fiddler Harry Cotter. Also of interest in the area is the connection with Banjo Paterson who lived nearby and Johnny Gilbert who died nearby.

The weekend will include:
Friday night bush dance
Saturday night Ball
Concertina workshops
Opportunities for sessions

More details available soon......


Bundanoon DanceFest 2018

Next year is the 10th Bundanoon DanceFest so we are looking for ideas to make this a special one.......

National Folk Festival 2017

Tune Sessions in the Bar, Bush Orchestra and a concert were the main additions to the NFF from Bush Traditions. Ray also presented a workshop on the wiki to an interested crowd.

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Recently Heather Clarke joined the organising team at Bush Traditions. Her knowledge of Australiand dance is remarkable and can be discovered at her web site.


Trove Treasures
Researcher Mark Gregory has unearthed some treasures from the NLA's TROVE.

He will be at the Gathering 2017 to show this and more.

nfsaReal Folk Videos
Some classic bush music now on YouTube

danceMusic from previous events available for free download here.

danceMusic from the 2016 NFF Settler Sessions
is available for purchase here.

concAnglo Concertina Tutor
A set of bush tunes arranged with fingering and all for Anglo Concertina players.
Click here to see it

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