No Such Thing - Illawarra

No Such Thing is the quirky name for the Australian music session held in Kiama. Alan Musgrove formerly led the mob through a lovely repertoire of Australian tunes, some collected by Alan himself. The name is a poke in the eye for Australian Scottish-style fiddler, Chris Duncan, who suggested there was no such thing as Australian dance music.
The weekly session happens every Monday at the home of Yvonne and Cath O'Grady in Kiama.
Additionally the group convenes to play for dances at the Wongawilli Hall on some Wednesday nights.

Their performances at music festivals are a great demonstration of this distinctively Australian music.

Tune Sets
Alan Musgrove's arrangements of the tunes used at the No Such Thing sessions are available as pdf files. The first one, Going to the Barn Dance, is a compilation of all the other sets. Alan is happy for these sets to be used by others with appropriate acknowledgement.

Going to the Barn Dance

Rita Baker's Polka Set

Argyle is My Name Set

McKinnon's Grand Chain Set

John McKinnon's Mazurka Set

Spanish Waltz

Maggie the Cows are in the Corn

Pop McKinnon's Schottische Set

Brown Jug Polka

Echuca Waltz Set

One Wet Afternoon Set

Sydney Flash Set

Upstairs Downstairs Set

Anonymous Waltz Set

Moonan Flat Set

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