From time to time expeditions are organised for the express purposes of playing music, dancing, singing and enjoying a weekend away. Two have been held so far, both to Binalong.

BINALONG - A Pop-Up Gathering

28th Feb – 1st March 2020

Musicians gathered in the Cafe on Queen throughout both days and in the Pub of an evening. The Cafe has a room out the back, separate from the Cafe proper, which which holds 20 or so musicians. It has a sense of spaciousness and good light and sits in a garden with some gum trees providing shade. Coffee, cakes, hamburgers, and steak sandwiches were available. The owners of the Cafe on Queen did a brisk trade and we have been invited back. Late on Sunday they were seen kicking back with a cup of tea.

There was a dance component with three workshops throughout Saturday and one on Sunday. The feedback from dancers was positive. The hall has a good floor, it's sprung and solid to dance on. The music provided by David and Kathy Potter was very much appreciated by the dancers.

The Binalong Hotel provided a good session space on Friday and Saturday nights. The Pub provided a good meal and seemed happy to have us.

Participants provided donations totalling ~ $1250 to the bushfire bucket.

In summary the weekend was welcoming, low key, relaxed and inexpensive and gave participants an opportunity to engage and contribute in whatever way they wished in a pleasant rural landscape.

Here are a few photos courtesy of David Hunter:

Binalong Hall

Ray Mulligan

And some feedback:

Just wanted to say thank you for organising last weekend's music at Binalong. I had a great time playing and meeting new people, while Allan enjoyed relaxing and reading his book. Great spot for camping, the town had a wonderful feel that was just right for the genre of music, and the cafe owners and pub people were very welcoming.

Great weekend! Now I'm busily learning and playing along with tunes I'd recorded on my phone. However, I'd better stick with my aim to learn tunes from this area. So thanks for the good weekend.

Thank you all so much for a great mini festival. We were sorry we had to leave Sunday. David & Kathy, the Saturday Night Dance was terrific, as was the workshop, and a credit to you both. A fabulous programme. The music, of course, was wonderful. A big thank you to all the musicians. It was Noel’s first folk/dance event ever and, apart from being dead on his feet, he thoroughly enjoyed it.