Bush trad sessions goulburn

The Goulburn Club
19 Market St, Goulburn
4821 2043

First Friday of each month 7.30-10.30pm

The accent is on participation so bring voices and instruments and join in. Dots are available or play by ear.

A Folk Ring where we each choose an item in turn as a request or to lead.
A Theme where songs and poems on a particular theme are  hunted out, practised and performed.

A booklet of local dance tunes has been compiled to use at the sessions. You can get one at the session.

2022 Dates and Themes

January 7th

Tune Session

February 4th

Sailors, Fishermen & Whalers

March 4th

The Rebellious Spirit

April 1st       

Never Rains But It Pours

May 6th     

Songs for the Sheilas

June 3rd

At the Hops

July 1st         

Dead Set Poets

August 5th    

From the Music Hall

September 2nd   

Dreams and Fantasies

October 7th

No Session (Gunning Gathering)

November 4th      

Culinary Delights

December 2nd      

Seldom Played Songs & Tunes