Bundanoon DanceFest

BUNDANOON 9 - 12 June 2023


The Bundanoon DanceFest is back!


Dancing in Fetters at The Rocks


110 George Street Sydney

At the Rocks Discovery Museum from 1 February to 28 April, 2023.

More information, opening times etc...

The launch was on 3rd Feb with music and dance organised by David Potter with Sydney musicians and dancers. This component of the launch was supported by Bush Traditions Inc.



Dancing in Fetters Tour

May 2023 on Norfolk Island

The exhibition is going to Norfolk Island in May 2023 and we have created a week of folk activities associated with convict culture. Workshops each morning (dance,music, song, maybe theatre), free time in the afternoon to explore the island, then an event in the evening (dance, concert, sessions, an act from the play).

It is a wonderful opportunity to see Norfolk Island and to be guided by Don and Sue Brian who have lived there and researched its history. Additionally there will be times when music, dance and song are called for so participation will be guaranteed.

If you are interested in joining the tour please email the organisers so you can be informed of bookings and the program.

National Folk Festival

CANBERRA 7 - 10 April 2023

A lot happened at the National this year

Collected Tunes Sessions

This was held in the Session Bar with a number of tune leaders taking folk through a new set of tunes.

The Camp (Ngura)

This new festival venue with an Australian content focus got off to a good start under the coordinator Emma Sputnik with Dave Johnson assisting with programming. The marquee was located in a prominent position with a food van, Biggies, providing superb slow cooked meats with native spice rubs.

Festival Bush Orchestra

Held at The Camp with a programme that is a reprise of the nine years Dave Johnson has been leading the Bush Orchestra. The music is available HERE.
And don't forget that it was Graham McDonald who initiated this valuable addition to the NFF, followed by Greg O'Leary.

Slow Tunes Sessions

Held in the Session Bar as usual first thing each morning with Alan and Linda Swift and Wayne Millar. The music is available HERE.


Bush Traditions Autumn Get-Together

Gunning, 24 - 26 February 2023

An outdoor, camping oriented, low cost weekend held in Gunning. Most punters camped for the weekend and the air was filled with the sounds of music from the 40 or so who rolled up.

The Showground was excellent for the event with plenty of free camping and reasonable facilities. The hall was found to be disturbingly echoic on the Friday so Saturday and Sunday activities were in the large supper room with convenient access to the kitchen.

All in all Gunning got the thumbs up as a beaut venue for a Bush Traditions music and camping weekend.

Special thanks to Don and Sue Brian for sussing out the facilities and to Ray Mulligan and Moir Holmes for the inspiration.


Bundanoon Sessions Weekend

Queen's Birthday 10-13 June2022 in Bundanoon

When the Bundanoon DanceFest was cancelled, some regular musicians put in a request for a music weekend in its place.

Essentially this was a music sessions weekend with time slots allocated to some focussed sessions eg Backblocks Tunes, Sea Shanties, etc and other informal sessions.

BSW 2022

The music used is available for download: Local Living Legends; Wall-toWall Waltzes; Saturday Slow Session; Backblocks Tunes; Ukranian Tune; Putting in the Lilt

Some feedback

Thanks for the great weekend of Australian trad… I managed to squeeze in the couple of tunes I knew and had especially fun at the Saturday morning slow session.
Gerry Harris

Thanks again for a really wonderful weekend of music playing and learning, and for the organising that went into enabling our gathering again of the Bundanoon music "family". 
It was so good to meet up with people again and to have time to sit and chat as well. 
We played some really beautiful tunes again and I came home with many new ones to learn as well. 
Denise Hibbs

What a great weekend of sessions we shared at Bundanoon over the long weekend.
A big thanks to everyone who contributed, especially Dave for organising venues, programme and the booking system, and to all those who coordinated singing or music workshops/sessions, or those who just came along to be part of it.  The music and company were excellent, with plenty of beautiful tunes, lively tunes, interesting tunes, as well as songs, and the hilarious ‘Silly Songs’ session on Sunday night set the tone for a fun and relaxed final evening of song and music.  
Carole  Helman

I very much enjoyed Saturday at Bundanoon. Thanks for your organisation.
Ron McLaughlin

Ron was at Shayne Kerr’s workshop on the musical saw and I mentioned a saw player I’d invited to a Bush Music Festival in Marrickville in the early 1980s. Would you believe he was Ron’s grandfather’s cousin, known in the family as Uncle Walter!

Ron sent this info from a 1995 booklet of The Mclaughlin Family compiled for a family reunion gathering:
Walter McLaughlin, 10th child of John and Isabel McLaughlin born 1909 worked on the land most of his life. He later located to Sydney where he worked for CSIRO. Walter is a talented musician on the piano. Of late he has become renowned as a busker at Circular Quay where he plays the gum leaf and musical saw.
In 1972 Walter was World Champion Draughts player. When he was 83 he married Theresa Williams. They currently live in Sydney where Walter still does busking.


Settlers Session in Canberra

A New Music Folio organised by Moir Holmes with versions suitable for laptops and for printing.

Bush Traditions

Check here to see who is behind the events you enjoy.

The 2023 Australian Heritage Dance calendar, which is generated by Brian Samuels is here.

Online version of John Merediths collection of portraits and the text of his book.

nfsaReal Folk Videos
Some classic bush music now on YouTube

concAnglo Concertina Tutor
A set of bush tunes arranged with fingering and all for Anglo Concertina players.

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