The Gathering

Bush Traditions is currently running a number of Gatherings in the annual calendar. In 2022, the Autumn Gathering in March and the Spring Gathering in October.

The Spring Gathering is a weekend confluence of musicians, reciters, singers and dancers held annually on the NSW October Long Weekend. Events are centred this year in the Goulburn Club, Market Street, Goulburn. Not to be confused with the Soldiers and Workers Clubs, the Goulburn Club is a music venue run by volunteers in rather ornate building that was the exclusive club for the local squattocracy when they came to town.

Players, performers and dancers come together to enjoy a programme of music and dance workshops, poetry recitations, concerts and dances as well as hours of informal music sessions.

The basic idea of the weekend is to encourage participation in all aspects of our bush traditions - bush music, songs, dance, yarns, and poetry.

There are workshops to learn tunes by ear or music, song workshops, dance music workshops, dances and, of course, showcase concerts.

Tickets can still be obtained at the event and paid for in cash or by card.

Here's a collage of pictures from the Autumn Gathering 2022.