The Programme

The programme can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.

The Programme by Times



The Programme by Contributors (alphabetically)

[DR = Durack Room; SR = Stewart Room]

Adrian Wilson

Writings from Adrian's Wall

Adrian's experience as a country dance musician goes back many years. This underpins the tunes he composes.

Sat 9.30

Alan and Linda Swift

Slow Session

A selection of tunes played at a speed to encourage newer players. If you are an experienced player use the slower speed to work on your instrument technique rather than speeding up.

Sat 9.30 DR

Alan Swift

Yarn Space

Like the yarn in material the stories lurch from warp to weft and beyond. You'll be in stitches.

Sat 5.00 SR

Brian Gutkin

Australian Connections In Irish Traditional Song

Explore the connections between Irish and Australian song way beyond the obvious Wild Colonial Boy.

Sun 4.00 SR

Chris Hayden

Tunes of Val McGinnis

Learn some of Darwin band leader Val McGinnis' tunes and hear them from live recordings to get the nuances of his style.

Sat 2.30 DR

Dave Johnson

Tunes from Concertina Players

A selection of tunes collected from Anglo Concertina players. Dot and ear players welcome. C/G concertina mainly.

Sun 2.30 DR

Dave Johnson & Cast of 1000s

The Speewah

The Speewah - where the crows fly backwards to keep the dust out of their eyes. And as Crooked Mick once told me...

Mon 11.00 DR

George Bolliger

How to keep your concertina alive

John Stanley was the original goldfields Concertina Doctor, today we have George Bolliger to show us how.

Sun 5.00

Ian Baxter

Crooked Corner Dance Tunes

Tunes played by the Crooked Corner Band in the Crookwell area for many years. Dot and ear players welcome.

Mon 9.30

Ian Hayden

Tunes From Field Recordings

Playing transcriptions of tunes from the recorded players is not enough to get the nuances of style. Listen and play along.

Sat 11.00 DR

Jeff Lawrie

Tunes You Won’t Hear Every Day

We ask you to join us for some of our favourite collected tunes; some lesser known, and a few beautiful but intriguing odds & sods that aren’t quite square.

Sun 4.00 DR

Julie Castles , with Jeff Lawrie

Playing By Ear

We will consider what keeps people tied to the dots, and how others manage to play by ear. To prepare please refer to the Bush Traditions website: listen to Greg playing The White Cockatoo (No 743), and practice playing Mick Pilley's 1st Schottische from the written music.

Sat 11.00 DR

Jude Stuart

Songs of Sally Slone

Sally Sloane was a remarkable singer with a wealth of songs learnt from her mother and grandmother.

Sat 11.00 SR

Leslie Ferrier and Richard Officer

Slow Session

More tunes played at an easy pace to encourage not daunt. Fast players are welcome to play too, but somewhere else!

Sun 9.30 DR

Linda Swift

Yarning About Craft

CRAFT Have a chat about your craft projects. Bring a sample or a photo to show the group. Linda’s latest interest is woven rag rugs: great for making use of out-of-date material, even old sheets and creates a practical floor mat.

Sat 1.00 DIN

Mike Giblin

Mike's Pick of the Crop

Mike is always great to have in a session with his wide ranging repertoire, but what will he select as his "pick of the crop"?

Mon 11.00 SR

Moir Holmes

Slow Session

More tunes played atthe speed limit set by the leader. Lead footed drivers will be booked and will lose their licences.

Mon 9.30 DR

Pete McMahon

Multitrack Recording

The politics of recording using multi-track technique, the mix down and editing.

Sat 4.00 DIN

Peter McLaren

A Musical Memoir Part 1

Peter has long associations with Australian folk music and musicians like Billy Blinkhorn and Bill Scott. You'll have to come along for more...

Sat 5.00 DR

Ralph Pride

Tunes of Chris Moore

Chris Moore was a member of the super Bush Band Pinchgut. His prize winning tunes were new and exciting for both musicians and dancers.

Sun 9.30 SR

Ralph Pride

Real Folk with Ralph

Listen to actual field recordings made by our great folk collectors. Marvel at how the originals actually sounded and the skill of those who transcribed.

Sun 5.00 DR

Ray Mulligan

Tribute to Tom Walsh

Fiddler Tom Walsh was, until his recent demise, a regular at the National Folk Festival. Tom gave us The Old Schoolmaster and many more.

Sun 11.00

Ray Mulligan

Split Ply Braided Key Rings

CRAFT  Learn how to split and ply twined cords to make a colourful and individualised a key ring.

Sun 9.30 DIN

Ron McLaughlin

Setting Poems to Music

Ever read a poem with meter and rhyme that urged you to set it to a tune? Let's look at examples and have a go...

Sat 4.00 DR

Ron McLaughlin

Ron's Regular Sunday Session

You are welcome to share the tunes and songs enjoyed regularly by a group meeting on Sunday afternoon at the Club

Sun 1.00 DR

Samantha O'Brien

Tunes with My Harmonies

Tunes that Sam has arranged with harmonies that bring out the nuances of the tune. Dots available.

Sat 2.30 SR

Sandra Nixon

Folk Craft

CRAFT A quilt, wallhangings & cushions from Dengate & Bolton ties and a banner for BMC's 70th. Plus display of a shoulder bag made by John Meredith, a koala hand puppet & terracotta entry pendants.

Sat 11.00 DIN

Sue McMahon

Musical Saw

The eerie magic of the Musical Saw - Listen, learn and try this wonderfully iconic instrument.

Sun 1.00 DIN

Tony Stuart

Joe Yates Waltzes

Tony has transcribed much of Sofala fiddler, Joe Yates repertoire. Come and try some of his waltzes.

Sun 1.00 SR

Tony and Helen Romeo

Smoko with the Poets

A poet's breakfast at a more civilised time of day. Contributions very welcome.

Sun 2.30 SR

Tony & Helen Romeo

Tunes of Bob Rummery

West Australian Bob Rummery has a great feel for the Australian tradition and this comes through in his tunes.

Sat 4.00 SR

Tony & Helen Romeo

Lawson Songs Part II

Continuing from Part 1 at the Autumn Gathering and celebrating the works of Henry Lawson on the centenary of his death. Song and recitation welcome.

Sat 1.00 SR

Wayne Millar

Contemporary composers of the Illawarra

A selection of tunes from contemporary composers of the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions. Dots available.

Sun 11.00 DR


The Main Sessions

MC Ray Mulligan

The Welcome Music Session

Kick off the road dust and the layers of covid dust on your instrumentsand voices and join in with your favourites. And don't forget the session manners of giving everyone a fair go!

Fri 7.30 DR

MC Dave Johnson

All In Together Session

This is the event for all the family to get together. A mix of all the weekend's talents brought together in a relaxed demonstration of what the weekend is all about. Great music and friendships.

Sun 7.30 DR

MC Richard Ayling

Evening Session

It's Saturday night - let the fun begin. Lots of tunes and the occasional song if that is how the mood takes you.

Sat 7.30 DR

George Bolliger & Ralph Pride

A Bawdy Song Session

This is an R++ rated event that caters for the “alternate” words to well known tunes. All will be revealed - and much much more. Note that uncouth words and politically incorrect themes will be presented.  Any ex- rugby players are particularly welcome. This is a participatory event and be warned the content may be offensive to some.

Sat 7.30 SR

Helen &Tony Romeo
and Leigh Brown

Smoko with the Poets

A poet's breakfast at a more civilised time of day. Contributions very welcome.

Sun 2.30 SR

Helen &Tony Romeo
and Leigh Brown

Poetry and song in the round

A welcome session for those inclined to poetry and song

Fri 7.30 SR