The Goulburn Club


The Goulburn Club is situated at 19 Market St, Goulburn overlooking the beautiful Belmore Park. It is run by volunteer members but is open to anyone who wants to enjoy the relaxed historical ambience, boutique beers and wines and excellent entertainment on offer.

The Goulburn Club is one of the city’s oldest institutions and is the centrepiece of Goulburn’s historic Market Street.  Harking back to the days when NSW’s first inland city was the hub of an expanding rural community,  the Club’s unique premises have lost none of their old-world charm.  From its beginnings as a gentleman’s club to its present day role as a social and cultural resource for the community,  The Goulburn Club continues to be valued by members and visitors alike. Where patrons from a bygone day may have availed themselves of the Club’s amenities after a thirsty day at the wool sales (or awaiting the mail coach which arrived through the still-existing stone archway), patrons of the Club today are more likely to be found relaxing with friends on the verandah overlooking Belmore Park, or enjoying one of the Club’s regular art exhibitions.

verandah gallery