Bush Traditions offers music in various forms.

  • The Bush Traditions WIKI is a database of collected tunes in abc format. It is initially built on the booklets of tunes that have been distributed at the National Folk Festival in the Settler Sessions organised by Ray Mulligan. It is proposed that this will be accessible for adding tunes in the future.
  • Audio Recordings of tunes in the database. These, in the first instance, come from the CD recordings that came with the booklets and played by Greg O'Leary.
  • Profiles provide background information on players from whom tunes have been collected, as well as on collectors, transcribers, arrangers and performers.
  • Bush Songs provides links to sources of Australian traditional and contemporary songs.
  • The Continuing Tradition is an expanding collection of composed tunes usually put together by players with their roots in traditional music.
  • Books for Sale lists the publications available from Bush Traditions with a charge to cover the cost of production.
  • Books for Free lists publications that are freely available for download and use.

Much of the music presented here is in the public domain, entrusted by players, singers, reciters and yarners to the collectors who valued their heritage enough to record it for the future. Use of these resources requires only the acknowledgement of source that good manners dictates.