Music for Bundanoon DanceFest 2024

Not available yet!

All the music at Bundanoon DanceFest is LIVE, which makes it a wonderful experience for both dancers and musicians. The music is organised for each workshop by a lead musician and it will be all available for viewing and/or download. Other musicians are welcome to join in for the delight of playing for good dancers!

The music will be available as a PDF by clicking Download button. Each set is the basis for the workshop and the segment of the evening dance featuring that caller. You are welcome to join in with the lead musician just pay close attention to the tempo he/she sets - lead musos and callers have considered this carefully.

For musicians, attendance at the Bundanoon DanceFest costs a modest $10 to cover insurance and supper costs. You, and the callers of course, make the weekend happen for the enjoyment of the dancing community. You are welcome to join in the dancing at dance workshops and dances when your musical talents are not required.

At the evening dances there will be a flow of musicians required with the particular caller's musicians taking front centre stage for that segment. Movement on and off needs to be streamlined so your cooperation is sought here.