Index of TUNES FOR the Anglo Concertina

In Row Tunes


Springtime Brings on the Shearing

Waltz time song that uses three fingers of the right hand

Euabalong Ball

Another song in waltz but using four fingers of the right hand

Railway Hotel

A simple single reel using two fingers of each hand

Harry McQueen's Set Tune

Another single reel -three right hand fingers and one left

Mudgee Waltz

A waltz that uses the home finger positions

The Overlander

In a minor key so tonic notes are on the pull

Annie Shaw's Waltz

All in the home position with occasional little pinkie work

Hugh O'Neal's Waltz

Home positions for this one too

The North Wind

Fits on the home positions

Mick Murpy's Step Dance

A reel workout in home positions

Fred Holland's Schottische

A really nice comfortable concertina schottische

Courtin' the Farmer's Daughter

A Rose Tree variant which fits the home positions

Ochnee Ochen Sue

A home position set tune in 2/4 time

Damn and Blast and Bugger the Cat

Worth it just for the title!

The Old Set Jig

A bonzer jig on the home keys

Polly Go Milk the Cow

And another

Paddy Godden's Mazurka

Change of finger position needed and mazurkas have a great rhythm

Rita Baker's Third Jig

Must find the second one too. Change of fingers again

Little Polly Perkins

A waltz with a bit of finger dancing too

Cross Row Tunes


Stringybark Tree

Uses a brief crossing to the g row

Dooley Chapman's Set Tune

Uses both c and g row in the right hand

Dubbo Show Organ Jig

A jig that uses c row on the left and both rows on the right

Harry Cotter's Schottische

A schottische with crossrowing on the right - lots of repetition.
NB Only the row shown from here on

Rita Baker's Jig

A single jig with low notes on the left and crossrowing on the right

Hackett's Schottische

Good smooth crossrowing with lots of repetition

The Whistled Schottische

Changes from C to G half way

Herb Gimbert's Jig

A nice simple jig with optional crossrowing

Lawrie Cobley's Cattle Lullaby

A really nice non-dancing tune slow and catchy

The Old Schoolmaster

A challenge with repeated notes but worth it

Doddy Murphy's Set Tune

A beaut concertina tune with just a little crossrowing

Bill Gilbert's Jig

Sits comfortably with crossrowing

Across the Sea to Erin

Crossrowing for the higher notes is needed

Three Row Tunes


The New Rigged Ship

A simple use of the extra row to smooth out a passage

The Bowral Jig

A double jig that needs the x row for the Bb notes


Scales and Exercises



Basic C and G scales and their relative minors

In Row Exercises

Arpeggio patterns for dexterity in home positions and beyond

Air Button Practice

Breathing skills needed to avoid running out of air

Cross Row Exercises

Patterns across the rows for fluidity