2018 Dance Callers for Bundanoon DanceFest

In order of appearance

Alan McCulloch

Alan first met Scottish country dancing as a wee lad at school in Scotland, then rediscovered the joy of this genre of dance in Canberra about 12 years ago. He is an experienced and knowledgeable dancer, teacher and choreographer of Scottish dance displays. Alan's friendly enthusiasm is infectious, and he is very interested in sharing the fun and encouraging others to learn and enjoy Scottish dance.

A selection of dances from around the world (yes, Scottish country dancing happens on every continent and dances have been written in many countries!). Dances chosen to give dancers a variety of flavours of the Scottish Country Dancing experience - some easy, some more challenging.

Scottish Country Dance
Saturday and Monday


Mark Simmons

Mark is a dancer, caller and organiser with the Monaro Folk Society, and also frequents Scottish and other dances whenever the opportunity arises.

Ladies, choose your partner for dances named for, or after, well, ladies! A mixture of Bush, Contra and Scottish dances, mostly easy and none harder than medium. From From Victoria's Waltz to Catherine's Chain, this dance is for men too, so don't be shy - we have lots of ladies waiting to ask you for a dance.

Dances with Saintly, and not so saintly, titles. From St Bernard's Waltz, through the Witches Reel, to the Ghost of a Chance, expect variety and fun in this sometimes reverent, and occasionally spooky, workshop! Easy to Medium (pun intended).

Ladies Choice

Saints and Sinners


Don Richmond

Long-standing Bush Music Club stalwart Don is no stranger to the dance floor and to the caller's mike. He has a broad repertoire of Bush dances both traditional and contemporary.

Women in bondage? If you like... or we could explore the different forms that Ladies Chain takes in different dances and dance styles.

Ladies in Chains


Simon Wall

It's more than 20 years since Simon joined Molonglo Mayhem Border Morris and he still doesn't know why he didn't start dancing morris sooner. He is the founding squire of Canberra's Surly Griffin Morris and has a passion for the rich history and diversity of morris. He refuses to let the Surly Griffins be pinned down to a single style or village tradition and he's excited by the opportunity to continue delving more deeply into traditional border morris for Bundanoon.

Hereford Bull - traditional border morris dances from the villages of Herefordshire.  

Hereford Bull


Arthur Kingsland

Arthur Kingsland from Newcastle, travels widely to learn new dances, including trips to the UK, Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. He has many years experience teaching a wide variety of Anglo-Celtic dances including Australian Contemporary and Colonial, Irish Set dancing, English Country, Scottish Country and American Contra dancing with his partner, Julia Smith. Together, they are particularly known for teaching of interesting variations and challenging dances from a range of Celtic traditions, and writing challenging dances in a similar vein.

Gary Roodman is an internationally reknowned English Country Dance composer and teacher from the USA who uses his mathematical background to write interesting English Country dances.

New challenging dances suitable for those wishing to cooperate in pushing the limits. The dances have been devised and danced in Newcastle, most composed in 2017 and 2018. The dances are a mixture of Australian contemporary, Scottish, English & American dance genres. These dances are at the harder end of the challenging scale and feature interesting moves and/or unusual formations.

Garry Roodman Dances

New Challenges


Norm Ellis

Norm first learnt his dancing 'at the feet of' Shirley Andrews, the 'doyen' of our Australian Tradition. Melbourne based, long-time dancer, caller and teacher, Norm is a mainstay of the Traditional Social Dance Association of Victoria (TSDAV).

Towards a "Bundanoon" Quadrille - a selection of lesser know Quadrille figures, from which we may 'distill' our very own "Bundanoon" Quadrille. Participation in the selection, and/or adaption of figures is warmly encouraged. Perhaps it should be a Pentrille for 10 dancers to mark the 10th DanceFest.

Ten Years On - from 'The Flight' to 'Hilarity', a selection of contemporary (Bush & other) dances from the "feat of Norm" written over the last 10 years.

Towards a Bundanoon Quadrille

Ten Years On

Keith Wood

Keith has been calling dances for several years, usually in Contra and English Country styles, at regular dance workshops in Sydney. He also composes dances in these styles and in Australian and Scottish Country styles and has published three books of his dances so far. His dances have won dance writing competitions within Australia.

Keith's Contras. Come and join in some energetic dancing with a selection of Keith's Contras.

The Sea Life Quadrille. A new five-figure quadrille inspired by sea life. Come dance with the turtles, dolphins, crabs, starfish, and jellyfish. Accompanied by original music by Ralph Pride.

Keith's Contras

The Sea Lie Quadrille


Madis Alvre

Madis commenced dancing in 1961 and instructed the Sydney Estonian folk dancers 'Virmalised' for 33 years, until 2014. He has organised, choreographed and directed performances for Folkloric Festivals and at the National Folk Festival and has directed major folk dancing events at Estonian cultural festivals in Australia. After many years of performing, he and his wife Tiina continue their interest in folk dancing with teaching a children's group and in leading workshops at folk and dance festivals.

Presenting a variety of traditional Estonian folk and social dances, suitable for beginners as well as more experienced dancers, ranging from circle and formation dances to couple and progressive dances. Estonian dances fundamentally incorporate waltzes, polkas and schottische footwork with variations.

Estonian Folk and Social Dances


Colin Towns & June Staunton

Colin and June have been regulars at Bundanoon since its inception, and Colin since its conception. Always with a commitment to learning with laughter, they will whisk you through dances, technique and style with an energy that belies their combined 100+ years of dance experience.

Loitering within 10.   Including 5 couple dances such as Bunch of Fives, Emily’s Progress, Canberra Light Rail, CHOGM Pentrille

Ten Out of Ten - the Perfect Dances.  Exploring dances that just work and appeal to all.

Loitering Within 10

Ten out of Ten

Cathy Richmond

Cathy has been a regular dancer at Bush Music Club dances since she could walk and has enjoyed interests in other dance styles especially Irish (where she dances regularly with Margaret Winnett's group.)

If the Shoe Fits
Skirts last year, this year it's focus on the footwear. From steel-toe-capped boots to thongs, from stillettos to ugg boots - if the shoe fits....... But seriously the concept is old favourites done differently! Oh and shoes are optional but recommended...

If the Shoe Fits


Bruce Lemin

Bruce has been involved in ballroom dancing for over 40 years and has 14 Gold and higher medals to his credit. He believes that dancing - and learning to dance - should be fun and loves helping people to learn new dances or polish their dance skills.

Dances covered in the New Vogue workshop come from the better-known sequence dances, such as the Merrilyn, Lucille Waltz, Tangoette, Charmaine, Gypsy Tap, Swing Waltz, La Bomba, Tracey Leigh Waltz, Evening Three Step, Carousel or Twilight Waltz.

Many of our favourite dances include circular waltzes or rotary chasses, from the humble Barn Dance right through to the Quadrilles, but a lot of people struggle with them. This workshop is intended to teach dancers how to dance the two most common types of waltz turns, being Viennese Waltz turns and Rotary Chasses, and thus de-mystify the art of whirling around in tight circles. The workshop will incorporate some appropriate dances so that you can put your new skills to practical use, and Bruce will also offer some tips on technique and making your waltz turns sparkle.

New Vogue Ballroom

Put a Sparkle in Your Waltz

June Staunton

An enthusiastic regular dancer at Bundanoon since its inception, June has agreed to share her passion for a dance that was all the rage in the 1920s.

(Oh, and Colin, someone was asking for you in the main hall.)

The Charleston


Margaret and Bill Winnett

Margaret and Bill have danced together since 1964. They have a deep love of Ireland and traditional Irish dancing in all its forms, including Ceili, Set and Two Hand dances. Margaret has been an Old Style Traditional Step Dancer since 1957.
They have made twenty-one trips to Ireland to attend summer schools, workshops and ceilithe to immerse themselves in the tradition so have a vast repertoire of dances they enjoy sharing.

If you've tried Irish Set Dancing you will know how much fun it is. Even if you're new to set dancing you'll be dancing along and enjoying yourself in no time

AND try a workshop of Irish Two Hand Dances including Waltzes, Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes.

Irish Set Dancing

Irish Two Hand Dances

Nina Kharakoz

Nina, who originates from St-Petersburg, Russia, is often found at folk festivals hiding behind a quite large piano accordion from which come the unmistakable sounds of Russian dance music.

This weekend she combines her passion for her country's music with her love of its dance and will have you on the way to Moscow or Siberia (depending on how well you dance). Get your scarves, skirts, and grab your hats to join in with some real Village dances from the shores of White sea, Siberia and Pskov region, collected by Nina’s friends and folk teachers.

Russian Dance

Niamh Kyriacou

Niamh is an absolute powerhouse of energy on the dance floor and she enjoys any excuse for dressing up. But beneath all this boisterous exterior there is a confident and capable professional dance teacher. She teaches ballet and tap amongst other styles.

This Musical Theatre Tap Dance workshop is your opportunity to relive some of those famous musicals with the actors tap dancing their way across the stage. Bring cane and hat if it sets the mood for you fellas. Girls you must have something outrageous in your wardrobe to bring. Hard soled shoes recommended. All levels of mobility welcome - even Gene Kelly tap danced whilst seated!

Musical Theatre Tap Dance

Fran Robertson

Fran has long had a passion for dance in many genres. She has taught dance in a number of contexts and is the (modest) organisational wizz behind the Numeralla Folk Festival.

Balkan Dance. This year she has finally got a team of musicians who are balkin' at the Balkan music. Should be fun and for much of this style partners are an optional extra / fashion accessory.

Balkan Dance

Jim and Ingrid Rehle-Williams

Jim and Ingrid have been teaching Bavarian dances for around 15 years and make the dances from Bavaria (South Germany) accessible and fun to learn for all levels of dancer. Ingrid was born in Bavaria and Jim lived there for 10 years.

Ingrid and Jim have brought back some new dances from their trip to Bavaria last year. They attended a week long dance festival and learned these dances and would like to teach them to the Bundanoon dancers.
We will probably include a dance or two from the past to celebrate 10 years of Bundanoon.

New Bavarian Dances


Nesa Simon David

Challenge accepted! Come and see just how ridiculously complicated contradance can be! A real challenge for the brain, while still a lot of fun. We'll experiment with various types of new and unusual progressions and formations, while trying out some new twists on the proper, improper, and becket. This is one workshop where your thinking cap will need its own thinking cap. The dance class that no one asked for, and the one you won't want to miss!

Simon has spent the last year and a half deconstructing dance and creating new stuff from the pieces. Not one to leave well enough alone, he now wants to see just how unnecessarily complicated and head-scratching contradance can be! He wants to try new formations and progressions (and maybe even music) and send the sacred cows out to pasture for a while. He tosses and turns in bed at night dreaming of what's beyond the contradance horizon.

Head Scratching Contra Dance