Bundanoon DanceFest 2018


The Tenth! to be held at Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands of NSW on the Long Weekend 8th -11th June.

The programme can be seen here.

This year's DanceFest welcomes three new callers:
Niamh Kyriacou who is a regular dancer and professional ballet and dance teacher.
Nina Kharakoz who is also known for her lively Russian accordion playing.
Alan McCulloch who brings this year's Scottish component to the programme

Plus from previous years:

Arthur Kingsland; Nesa Simon David; Margaret and Bill Winnett; Mark Simmons; Bruce Lemin; Keith Wood; Norm Ellis; Jim & Ingrid Rehle-Williams; Madis and Tiina Alvre; Simon Wall; Colin Towns; Don Richmond; Cathy Richmond; Fran Robertson; June Staunton

Music is rolling in so the musicians can rehearse before the weekend.

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Bundanoon DanceFest Precursor
was the Norfolk Island Bush Dancing trip.