Lead Musicians for Bundanoon DanceFest 2017


In Order of Appearance


Ray Mulligan

Ray is one of the forces behind Bush Traditions. He led Canberra based band Mulligan's Flat for many years and currently plays with FolkLines. He has, over the last ten years, created a clearing house of collected tunes through teaching workshops at the National Folk Festival and an online collection of dance tunes.  


Ian Hayden

Ian is a keen Irish style box & banjo player living on the NSW Central Coast. Besides Irish dance music he currently plays a range of instruments in bush bands, a jazz group, a swing big band, and a baroque ensemble.  

Miche Baker-Harvey

Miche Baker-Harvey is a contra dance musician, dancer, and caller who has recently moved to Sydney from Seattle, Washington. Miche is known for her strongly rhythmic playing style, and choice of lively tunes. She brings music from many regions in the US and Canada to her contra dance playing, and relishes the opportunity to join dance music and dancers.  


Dave Johnson

Dave works to disseminate collected music through workshops and publications. He plays fiddle and concertina with his family band Paddys River, and with Folklines, Southern Cross and the Heritage Ensemble. Dave served his apprenticeship with the Bush Music Club and his compilation of dance tunes Bush Dance is well known all round the country. His musical passion is playing the best of our heritage of collected tunes on both fiddle and anglo-concertina.  

Rita Sosich

Rita plays guitar, anglo concertina and violin. She appreciates and plays a range of folk genres particularly collected Australian tunes which was well satisfied during her time with No Such Thing (Illawarra).  An enjoyment of  medieval and English tunes and silly outfits makes perfect her current gig with the Surly Griffin Morris Side (Canberra). Rita enjoys playing for dancers but privately resists the lure of ‘going to the dark side’ for a twirl.



Bob McInnes

Bob is without a doubt, one of our dance music living treasures. Since the 1960s he has been exploring music for dance in many different bands The Wild Colonial Boys, Reel Tradition, and of course, the long-running wonderful String Fiddle Tradition.



Roland Clarke

Roland has been learning violin from a young age, and was trained classically in violin, viola and composition.  Since his recent discovery of traditional music he has played little else, focusing on the Scottish style and exploring early Australian published music.



Helen Strutt

Helen, on accordion, with her two daughters Jennifer & Catherine, and Chris Duncan and Bob McInnes, form the Coalbrook Band, providing wonderful dance music. As a member of Salmiakki Pelimannit band she has been playing music from various Scandinavian countries since 1986.


Ian Bull

Ian has been in bands performing in the lower and upper Hunter Valley in NSW, far North Queensland, London and more recently in the Canberra region. Ian is a regular performer in several dance bands in Canberra covering social dances from the traditions of Bush, Contemporary Bush, Historic Dance (1450-1900), American Contra, English Country Dance and Filipino Cultural Dance.


Mariamma Mitchell

Mariamma is a classically-trained musician who loves to explore the wide world of music, including jazz, klezmer and, of course, bush music. She plays  with the BMC concert party and the Heritage Ensemble, and recently backed the Bush Orchestra at the National Folk Festival.


Sarah Bull

Sarah's biog is on the way!


Margaret Anderson

Margaret started playing piano accordion when she was 7. 4 sisters played quartets at local Eisteddfods and on 2AY, the local radio on Saturday mornings in Albury. She started Old Time as a teenager in rural Talgarno, Victoria. Her music interest now includes Bush, Contra, Irish and Bavarian playing piano accordion, piano and English concertina.




Denise Hibbs

Denise plays fiddle regularly with Harry Gardner's acoustic music group in Melbourne and has been an ardent supporter of Bush Traditions events - the Bundanoon DanceFest, the Goulburn Gathering and whatever is going at the National Folk Festival in Canberra.



Beck Richmond

Beck Richmond is a brilliant young musician, playing both fiddle and concertina. She is a valued tutor and mentor for the Saplings. No doubt her big sister Cathy will challenge her to play in a tutu in keeping with the theme of the workshop.  

George Bolliger

George has been a mainstay of the Ryebuck Bush Band for all of its illustrious history. He has recently taken to playing and repairing concertinas in preparation for a busy retirement. His CV includes playing for Morris dance for the Maids of the Mill and even sword dancing.  


Ralph Pride

Ralph is one of the quiet achievers of the Bush Music Club. With a band pedigree that includes The Reedy River Bushmen, The BMC Concert Party, Pinchgut, The Heritage Ensemble, and FolkLines, he brings a wealth of experience to the task of lead musician. He is also providing the PA for the main hall and all its events.